At Citta, we develop truly mindful productivity-enhancing technology concepts, system designs, and user-friendly services by focusing on the ways people actually think, perform, and communicate. As a team with wildly varied backgrounds, we harness our individual perspectives in order to create innovative products that are designed to fit how people live and work now, and in the future.

Founded in 2012 by a diverse group of technology industry veterans, Citta set out to completely rethink the fundamental elements of peoples’ daily interactions with computers and software. Citta was formed with one goal: revolutionize computing. Technology is changing, but too many of the critical applications and tools we rely on are stuck in the past. Our goal is to replace cumbersome and complex productivity solutions with products and services that are characterized by streamlined simplicity, new form-factor compatibility, and versatile functionality.

The name Citta is the Sanskrit word for mindfulness and awareness. These concepts underline our company philosophy and drive the development of our software, our services, and our vision.


Introducing MindStaq, a full-suite web and mobile platform that rethinks everything you knew about productivity. MindStaq reconciles issues around filing, formatting and collaboration that have plagued existing productivity tools for years. Modeled on human behavior, MindStaq is built to mimic how people naturally combine intuition, thoughts, speech and action. This single application seamlessly enables the ebb and flow of ideas between documents, spreadsheets, notes, emails, presentations, and collaborators. Delivering continuity within a clean and intuitive user interface, MindStaq echoes our philosophy by using mindfulness to reshape the future of technology.


MindStaq demo

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Abu Moniruzzaman

Executive Chairman & CEO

Abu is a successful entrepreneur with 22 years' experience working with computer technologies. As the founder of a multimillion dollar enterprise technical solutions provider serving the Fortune 500, Abu oversees the company’s delivery of services and operations. He is also a published author on the subject of database technologies.

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Sai Prakash

Chief Technology Officer

With 16 years of experience in technology leadership positions with multi-billion dollar companies, Sai Prakash has remained true to being a hands-on coder with deep technical skills in software architecture and engineering. With a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence, Sai combines advanced concepts in software design with innovative engineering to lead Citta's development of a new generation of software.



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